‘Hero’ Farm Dog Sounded Alarm On Fire At Historic Natick Barn

‘Hero’ Farm Dog Sounded Alarm On Fire At Historic Natick Barn

A farm dog is being called a hero for alerting humans to a fire at a barn built more than 200 years ago in Natick. Crews responded to the Natick Community Organic Farm on Eliot Street just after 4:30 a.m. Wednesday.

In a Facebook post, the farm said “our beloved barn has burned to the ground,” and three sows and 13 piglets died. But no people were hurt and the farm is thanking Eddy the dog for taking quick action.

“She was so scared when she got here. But, she loves the farm and clearly wants to take care of it,” said Abby Biser of the Natick Organic Farm. “Now she’s not only my love, but my hero.”

The farm also thanked Natick firefighters for coming to the rescue, and farm workers who were able to move vehicles out of the fire’s reach.

The farm will be closed until Monday while the cause of the fire is investigated.

The barn was built in 1815 using local trees knocked down by a powerful hurricane. The community farm has been in Natick since 1975, and it gets about 20,000 visitors a year. And now, they have a new farmhand.

The farm said that in addition to the building and the pigs inside, the fire also destroyed tools, wheelbarrows, animal grain and hay and seedlings. They’ve started a GoFundMe to ask for relief donations, and have already raised more than $10,000 in about an hour.